Tactical Flashlights


Tactical technology (which indicates actionable military-grade use or implies professional-level planning) is the new trend for LED flashlights that purportedly provides superman vision no matter the time of day or place.

In case you are not familiar with the bright and bold super-charged “Military Grade LED Tactical Flashlight” craze, or suffer from what is being dubbed as ‘dim flashlight disorder’; we have got you covered.

Maybe you’ve seen new tactical flashlights (for example: SUNJACK CAMPLIGHT ) popping up at trade shows or populating on the internet – you know, the ones that celebritize military level construction, professional grade materials and blindingly bright benefits that can cast light as far as two football fields on a clear night…or in other words, go way beyond your ordinary, plastic halogen flashlight or old-school incandescent foggy lighting.

We knew it would be necessary to research and write an all encompassing comprehensive “Military TacLight guide” that will give you the optimal specifications and required qualifications to look for when selecting the best tactical LED flashlight online.

What Is A Tactical Military-Grade Flashlight?

If you consider yourself a:

  • fireman/fisherman
  • hunter/hiker
  • security/police officer
  • outdoorsmen/nature explorer
  • survivalist/prepper
  • military-background
  • plain-old average citizen

Then we know why you are here searching for the top rated military-grade tactical flashlights of 2016.

No matter your title, label or occupation, from anyone who likes to go camping or drives a vehicle at night, we are going to dive-deep and shed light into the darkness of dubious claims (protection against terrorism and natural disasters?) of these relatively new tactical flashlights but also talk about the upside and potential for those who know the value of simple self-defense weapon (that can be a fit-in-your pocket lifesaver that won’t require a permit or license).

But is it really true – can you get more from a flashlight than just light?

The manufacturers and marketers of these increasingly popular tactical flashlights seem to think so, and they’re on a mission to spread the word. That’s why the internet has seen a radical spike of interest supporting strong selling-points on the LED tactical flashlights by preframing that US Navy Seals, Coast Guards, Fire Departments, Police Officers and US Search and Rescue personnel are using them and now are available to the general public for the first time ever.

Our job, is to do 2 things – give you Infinite Power and a take-home easy-to-digest Solution about what to pay attention to and look for when browsing or buying tactical flashlights online.

We know how an unsuspecting consumer might view these fancy flashlights and want to inform you on whether or not a tactical LED flashlight is even something a regular citizen might use/need/want.

Here’s your 2016 Review Guide to Military Grade Tactical LED Flashlights- the good, the bad and the plain old useless. Don’t get caught unprepared when you encounter a flashlight deal that seems to good to be true: read this guide and you’ll know everything you need to know about buying a military-inspired tactical flashlight.

Benefits, Features & Claims of Tactical Flashlights

We have noticed what happens when you are starting to compare a traditional, run-of-the-mill department store flashlight with a military inspired tactical flashlight? In one word, overwhelm.

Let’s begin to breakdown the barriers on all the fancy high profiled tactical LED flashlights and effectively elaborate on the features, benefits and claims we see circulating these tactical commodities.

Where do we start – how it’s perceived is about like you getting a bionic upgrade to your own body. These acclaimed military inspired properties and core characteristics you didn’t even know flashlights were capable of having are causing quite a stir for several survival preparation enthusiasts, self-defense teachers, and always the gotta have extra brightness and high-power specialists much like ourselves.

While many of the most popular high-performance tactical LED flashlights promote themselves as a truly “tactical” (which implies it is useful for military actions) flashlight, there are a few key properties and essential qualities these highly-sought, higher-end flashlights have.

So what happens when you take your old incandescent flashlight and give it a bionic upgrade into a military-grade LED flashlight? The result is a tactical flashlight. As mentioned, “tactical” implies “useful for military action” and if you consider self-defense to fall into that category than yes, these flashlights are tactical. You see, the tactical flashlight has features which make it useful not only as a light source but also as a self-defense mechanism and if you think about it: a weapon as well.



12 MP Spy Camera Moultrie A20i Game, Trail, Security Camera -



Moultrie’s most affordable iNVISIBLE flash camera, the all-new A-20i delivers amazing performance and a ton of features while letting you remain completely undetected at night.
With a 12-megapixel resolution, 1-second trigger speed and no-glow infrared flash with a range of 50 feet (15 Meters), you’re sure to capture quality nighttime shots of even the most skittish deer. – Capture Images or Video!
With a durable mini case, in Moultrie Smoke Screen Camo Colour and fast trigger speeds, the A-20i features high-end performance in a value-focused package.


Have it all with the new MOULTRIE A-20I MINI GAME CAMERA, Moultrie’s next-generation iNVISIBLE flash camera based on its best-selling A-5.
Boasting performance and design upgrades over the A-5 including enhanced resolution and a smaller profile, the A-20i is equipped with 36 iNVISIBLE infrared LEDs that allow you to covertly capture game on the move within 50 feet (15 meters).
Powered by AA batteries, this compact yet rugged powerhouse also takes crisp, vibrant colour images during the day and features a weather-resistant exterior, easy-to-use – intuitive interface and LCD screen—all at an extremely attractive price point that makes outfitting your entire property possible.
Even better, the A20i is backed by Moultrie’s industry-leading 2-year warranty.

Stay completely undetected at night, thanks to 36 iNVISIBLE infrared LED technology with a 50-foot flash range and motion detection.
A flash equipped with 36 iNVISIBLE infrared LEDs illuminates game up to 50 feet away in total darkness, without giving away the camera’s position.

Manage image quality and storage with 2 resolution settings, low (1600x1200px) and high (4000x3000px), and capture 4:3 aspect ratio video in 480px.

Trigger Speed of Less Than 1 Second, Multi-shot and single-image modes offer hunters customizability.

A sturdy case with a weatherproof plastic exterior comes with standard 1/4″-20 bottom tripod mounts and back slots for use with an included nylon strap or Python lock cable (sold separately) for tree mounting. A Python lock-compatible clasp offers added security.

Works with SD / SDHC Class 4 cards or higher and can handle up to 32 GB.
8GB Memory Card INCLUDED

Requires 8 AA batteries.
8 x Alkaline AA Batteries INCLUDED
Captures approximately 16,000 images. Actual results may vary.
Use of lithium batteries for extended battery life in harsh weather conditions.

Supervised Services for Kids

Supervised Child Services

Oversight is a regular assembly, typically one to one that occurs on a regular continuing basis. It will be likely to provide group oversight to the supervisee, but somewhat different rules apply in this scenario. A session is semi-structured and permits the supervisor and supervisee to talk about work in a sympathetic but orderly way. Oversight should consider and talk about these places: * Observation work *Discussing Issues *Developing Options *Reviewing Improvement on cases/strategies *Summarizing what future jobs or work might have to be finished.

A manager should make sure the session matches the needs to the supervisee when it comes to their expertise as well as their phase of growth. Support within a supervised child services and informal oversight assist the development of the supervisee. A manager also needs to be alert to diversity issues in their organization as well as the dynamic of their function in terms of the supervisee. Sessions should have ground rules when it comes to how feedback is given and how understanding and disagreement in sessions are noted. Additionally how any disputes regarding work on instances will likely be dealt with and by whom. Oversight ought to occur on a monthly basis, in a silent room at which you Won’t be affected. A routine date needs to be set aside for oversight and sessions may differ from 45 minutes to 90 minutes with respect to the intricacy of the task.

A manager ought to be around for oversight plus a supervisee should anticipate and insist on oversight included in their anticipation as a professional and worker. During an induction period or when coping with inexperienced supervisees, oversight might be needed on a more regular basis. Thought ought to be given to drawing up or making use of your personal organization’s oversight arrangement. This type of file can summarize expectations, content, frequency, dates and what would occur whether there are disagreements. The deal should have definitely written into it a date for review. The supervisor and supervisee, if there’s agreement on the content should sign the record.

Before each session begins both participants should have agenda items to work from. The plan needs to happen to be concurred a day or two prior to the session occurs. Each session will cover four primary regions: *Review of present work *Jobs undertaken/on-going and finished *Establishing Precedence/ Safeguarding Problems in adult and kids’ work ( a standing problem in every session) * Supervisees’ training and development. Review of present work should contain agreed goals from the final oversight. What went well and what may happen to be done otherwise, essential learning points, comments from both parties, recognize great work, consent new jobs.

Continuing jobs/work should contain explanation from your manager regarding their reasons for request specific work to be undertaken. Both participants ought to be the option and not only issue concentrated. The manager should require thoughts and discuss quantities of support needed. Consent deadlines for the work, clarify what is and is not needed. Be clear about what new jobs must be undertaken.

This is why everyone should be careful about making this decision otherwise one can be easily mistaken and make the mistake over and over again. For more information use Google or any other search engine system as it will be easier to find a solution to the problem if you try to do a little research by yourself.

Precedence should be clearly summarized in the session. There needs to be a discussion regarding the team and personal goals when it comes to the work being undertaken. Permit the supervisee the space to go over contradictory priorities and ensure they’re clear regarding what’s their function along with the job of the manager to take note of, counsel or take the lead.

Each oversight session should review the supervisee’s training strategy against organizational goals. It’s nevertheless the job of the manager to make sure that the supervisee has got the possibility to understand in a powerful supporting surroundings. Learning also needs to be reviewed from the organization’s overall development strategy.


Oversight sessions should cover these areas:

* Preceding session conversation and agreed on activities

* Upgrade

* Who was involved

* Open, not closed questions and recap the dialogue to make certain comprehension.

* Ensure issue areas are being coped with

* Possess an actual conversation, seek out the supervisee’s thoughts

* Understand the impacts of activities

* Develop options where possible.

Stopping the session:

Concur activities

Ensure another session is organized

Entire the oversight record.

Duplicate to file and reproduce to the person

8 Ways to Avoid Common Video Marketing Mistakes


Video marketing used to be an expensive and lengthy business, but with the advances in professional video production equipment, smartphone technology and the ease of use of platforms such YouTube, almost anyone can become a video marketer.  As a result, this has led to an astonishing 87 percent of online marketers currently using video content in their marketing according to Outbrain.

Faster, easier and cheaper does not always mean superior, but there are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure you create quality videos.According to Juan Rutz and Martin Borer of RutzRoberts Productions, the following represent eight common mistakes aspiring video marketers make and how to avoid them:

1. Excessive “hard selling”

When you apply the “hard sell” it is much like asking your first date to marry you.

Yes, there is a very remote possibility, but you more likely be successful building a relationship step by step. By creating teaser videos, you will intrigue potential clients, further sharing your content and inspiring a continued relationship.

2. Videos are not part of a campaign

You may only get one chance to make a first impression, and as a result, many companies tend to “overload” their costumer base with info and pandering about themselves. Pace your message and leave something to the imagination and curiosity without exhausting the rather short attention span of your viewer.

Juan and Martin say that campaigns are the way to go every single time. Rather than creating a single five-minute video, companies should focus on a multi-faceted approach to creating a two-minute video in concert with six 30-second segments still adding up to a total of five minutes. However, it multiplies and concentrates the intended purpose in what they call the “marinating effect.” More than ever the attention span of viewers have been condensed, hence the need to be short, informative, entertaining and to the point.

Make an emotional connection, inspire and leave them wanting for more.

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10 Ways to Bolster Your Brand’s Online Influence


The focus for brands is to convince, or influence, as many purchase decisions to go in their favor. In the online environment, there is an extraordinary opportunity to reach out to the largest audience possible and influence what they buy whether it is a product or service.

However, there are thousands of brands out there doing the exact same thing, so the challenge is to become more influential than them. But the rules of the game have changed. No longer can you just use the old methods to attract your customer base. There are many new ways that I’ve been using to build my company to grow it from nothing to working with thousands of businesses in the last 14 months.

Here are 10 ways that you should be building your company online;

1. Leverage other influencers and brand advocates.

One of the most effective ways to grow your influence is to have influencers talk about you and share what you have to offer. This is the best, and most compelling, advertisement you will get because your audience admires and believes these influencers. As brand advocates, they promote what they like about your brand, focusing on the benefits they have personally realized.

You can opt to research and engage with influencers you believe will provide this assistance or you can partner with companies that specialize in connecting you with some of the top influencers online.

2. Be authentic.

While your target audience likes the convenience of online experiences, they want to be reassured that the brands they choose to interact with are being honest, caring, and meaningful with them.

This can be one of the most difficult tactics to achieve because of the physical distance and lack of face time. However, you can use videos and even customer testimonials to illustrate the emotion and enthusiasm you feel for what you are doing as a brand.

3. Deliver expertise.

The more you know and can share with your audience helps you rise to the top of the influencer ranking. This is why I blog on sites like Entrepreneur. It helps readers and with each post makes me more of an influencer.

More than ever, people are turning to online sources to find information that is accurate and can help them solve common issues as well as complex problems.

If you can get that advice, those tips, and specific information out through multiple channels and platforms to your target audience, you will influence their decisions.

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5 Commitments Effective Content Marketers Should Make in 2017


The new year, 2017, is here. You’ve probably heard that there’s never been a better time to invest in content marketing, and the statistics don’t lie.

So I’m not going to try to convince you to invest in content marketing. Instead, I’m going to challenge you to adopt a few content-marketing resolutions to help make 2017 your most effective year yet.

1. ‘I will create only content with a purpose.’

We marketers have been so adamant that everyone invest in content marketing, that we’ve missed conveying a critical part of the message: The content we create serves a purpose.

Let me give an example: Suppose you read an article that says, “Publish one blog post a week as part of your content marketing strategy.” You do that, but you don’t publish with a purpose; you publish whatever you feel like writing about.

Now, imagine that one of your competitors is also publishing one post a week, but is using that content to support existing marketing campaigns, based on factors like target keywords, stages in the buying process or predetermined calls-to-action.

I bet you can guess who’s going to see better results.

Commit with me now. Don’t create another piece of content in 2017 unless you can definitely state why you’re publishing it and how you expect it to move your business closer to your marketing goals. Settle for nothing less than bad-ass content your followers will truly love.

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A New And Better Way To Buy, Sell, Or Collect Fine Watches

I’ll probably never buy a new car again. Why? Because I have a friend who runs a quality used car service, specializing in BMW, Audi and Mercedes. He locates specific vehicles for buyers at auction, checks them out at his full-service center, and delivers amazing savings with reliable quality. I’ve bought my last three vehicles from him, saved a lot of money and been very happy. Cars depreciate – by many thousands of dollars – the second you drive them off the lot, and unless you are ordering a rare or heavily customized model, there is little economic sense in buying new, even for higher end models. Other friends have used my dealer for Porsches and Range Rovers, and I’ve had acquaintances drive 250 miles to do business with an honest used car salesman. The main reason not to buy used is because you don’t feel comfortable in the quality, you don’t want some hidden damage or someone else’s problem, which is why in the past two decades the industry has shifted heavily towards much more reputable resale, through manufacturers’ own certified pre-owned programs, verification services like CarFax, and modernized, specialized retailers like CarMax.

It’s the same for watches, except most watches have never been smashed up in accidents. On the other hand, the used car market is not flooded with counterfeit fakes. Watches typically depreciate substantially when you take them out of the box (or store), but whether you wear it for a week or someone else does, it’s going to be the same watch – only a lot cheaper. If there was an efficient model for evaluating, certifying and transparently marketing used Longine watches, a company that could check out the inner workings, quality, verify authenticity and guarantee your purchase, all for a great deal, it would be a home run for watch buyers. That company now exists, and it is called Crown & Caliber. I have not used the service nor received anything from them, but I’ve been researching it and spoke to the owner and some watch loving friends, and I will almost certainly buy my next watch here.

But the thing is, unlike the used car business, where dealers are incentivized to buy as cheaply as possible, Crown & Caliber also offers a big win for those selling watches, especially regular individual owners. If you have a very rare watch or one with special provenance, maybe owned by Neil Armstrong and worn on the moon, an auction is still the best way to go. But if you have your father’s Patek Phillippe in a drawer and your style runs more Breitling, unloading the watch that is collecting dust is surprisingly tricky and costly.

Private equity firm manager Hamilton Powell bought a Rolex online and it turned out to be a fake. But the tipping point for him came when a friend sold a Patek Philippe to a local jewelry and watch dealer for $5,200, and the dealer turned around and flipped it for over $12,000. So three years ago he launched Crown & Caliber, because, as he told me, “He got screwed, and I’ve been there. The watch market is just like the car market was in the Seventies, it’s just starting to mature in terms of preowned. We’re doing what CarMax did, allowing people to shop confidently in the pre-owned market. The only good reason not to buy pre-owned has been because the industry was shaky.” The supply is certainly out there: Powell told another interviewer that he thinks there’s around $100 billion in Rolexes, Breitlings, and Omegas in people’s closets – in the U.S. alone. He saw a $7 billion annual luxury watch market in this country with no scientific or management effort applied to the aftermarket and decided to professionalize it.